English Conversations in Real Life with common Phrases (Meaning & Example)

English Conversations in Real Life with common Phrases (Meaning & Example)

Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share with you the English conversations in real life with a lot of common phrases that you use these conversations to practice at home.

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As we mentioned, practicing conversation is one of the best methods to improve your English. Do you remember the IMITATION method in this post Easy tips for improving your English speaking skill

If you don’t have any friends to practice speaking English with you,  what can you do?

Using IMITATION and English conversations below will help you improve your Speaking skill

English Conversations in Real Life: 

  1. New co-worker at the office
  2. Going to the movies
  3. Holidays
  4. Pets
  5. Learning to paint
  6. study abroad
  7. Talking about TV
  8. Plastic Surgery
  9. Phone conversation
  10. website
  11. New friends
  12. Easier Said Than Done
  13. Like Father, Like Son
  14. Getting in Shape
  15. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
  16. A Question of Money
  17. Family Feud
  18. Who’s cooking tonight?
  19. Duy calls
  20. A Foot in the Door
  21. First Things First
  22. Shopping
  23. Good Health
  24. At a Party
  25. Friendship
  26. Health problems
  27. 101 English Conversations


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For example:

Topic: New co-worker at the office

A: Hi. Sam.

B: Michael. Good to meet you!

A: Did you just arrive here?

B: Yeah, We arrived last week.

A: How do you like it?

B: It’s exciting! It’s much busier than the last city we lived in. I was working in Seattle for the last 3 years.

A: It really is very busy. I moved here from Tokyo 5 years ago and I still have trouble sometimes. Did you move here with your wife?

B: Actually, I’m not married. I moved here with my dog, Charles. We are very close.

A: Oh. I see.

B: What about you?

A: Yes, I am married and I have two children.

B: How old are they?

A: 6 and 8 years old

B: Oh, great. That age is a lot of fun.

A: But it is exhausting.

B: I understand. My brother has kids the same age. Every time we visit he falls asleep on the sofa.

A. Must be nice. We don’t have time to sleep, we have to drink a lot of coffee.

( laughter)


exhausting: something makes you very tired.
Ex: Working on a farm is exhausting, you have to exercise all day.
Ex: Speaking English all day can be exhausting.

fall+ asleep: the beginning of sleep.
Ex: He was in bed and falling asleep when the phone rang.

very close: to have a close relationship with a friend or family member.
Ex: You can be very close to your sister or your classmates.

have+ trouble: an informal way to speak about having problems.
Ex: I have trouble with my knee sometimes. She has trouble hearing because she is very old.


Other Conversations: