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One of the best ways to improve communication skills is to become familiar with the language by reading, building vocabulary, and discussing what you study in daily conversations. Helena Daily English blog provides the Daily English knowledge that you can study and then try to apply in everyday situations

A. Hey. have you tried Lynda?

B. Is that a person?

A. No. No. It’s a website

B. Don’t know it. What is it exactly?

A. Basically, it has a bunch of online courses. You can learn almost anything.

B. Oh. Interesting. Did you try it?

A. Yeah just recently, I downloaded a course about online marketing. I think it was like 50.00 or something. Not that expensive.

B. That’s pretty reasonable! How’s the quality though?

A. Not bad. I think some courses are better than others, but, for 50.00 you cannot complain. And.. usually there are reviews.

B. Ah. I see. Actually, I’ve been thinking about trying to learn SEO . Maybe it’s a good way.

A. With the price of classes, I can’t believe people still go to university.

B. Yeah. It’s almost not worth it. I’m still paying off my student debt.

A. Oooh. That sucks. Maybe you could make an online course?

B. What would I teach?

A. You are good at video games right?

B. Could I teach that?

A. Maybe, you never know. Maybe you will get rich.


quality: used to describe the value of something

  • Ex: The quality of LV is very good, but, it is too expensive.
  • Ex: The food quality at most Pizza restaurants is bad, but, pizza is delicious. I don’t care.

online course: something you study on the internet.

  • Ex: I’m taking an online course this semester.

that sucks: expression – used when a person feels bad

  • Ex: A, I lost my phone.   B. That sucks! Sorry to hear you lost it.
  • Ex: My girlfriend broke up with me. B. That sucks!

to be not worth it – expression – used for many things, usually describing spending too much  time, money, or energy on something.

  • Ex: The concert ticket is 200.00, I like Jay-Z, but, it’s not worth it. That is a lot of money!
  • Ex: The bus trip takes 10 hours and we only have 2 days for our holiday. Let’s go somewhere else.

student debt – the money a student owes to the government or bank.

  • Ex: Often students borrow money to go to university.  Student debt is a big problem in America.

a bunch – many of something

  • Ex: I have a bunch of clothes that I don’t want. There are a bunch of people in the restaurant.

reasonable – not expensive

  • Ex: The price for the ticket is reasonable, I think I can afford it.

‘or something’ – slang -added at the end of a sentence to estimate –

  • Ex: He is 25 or something.  It is 10 weeks or something.  I think it is 50 dollars or something.

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