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A.Oh hello. Is this your dog?

B.Yes, this is Rex.

A.Hello Rex. What a cute dog. What type of dog is he?

B.He’s a pug.

A.Oh. I should have guessed. He looks quite well-behaved.

B.Actually, he never listens to me. If he wasn’t on the leash, I’m sure he would run away.

A.Well. He seems friendly anyways. How long have you had him?

B.We got him when he was a puppy. So maybe four years ago. Pugs are quite small. They are a good size for the city.

A.Aww. That’s great. I’d love to get a dog. We have a cat, but, if I could I would give it away.

B.Oh. Why’s that? Don’t like cats?

A.It’s not that I don’t like cats. But I don’t like my cat. It is so aggressive. It always tries to bite me or attack me when I’m sleeping. Maybe it is part-Tiger…

B.I understand.

A.Well. Enjoy your day!  Bye Rex.

B. You as well. Goodbye.


  • part –   often used to describe genes or family history.

Ex: A dog can be part- wolf. A person can be part Chinese, part- European.

  • leash – something used to hold onto an animal.

Ex: Many cities require dogs to wear leashes.

  • should have guessed – informal expression – used when something is very obvious.

Ex: He is going to be late again. Oh. I should have guessed.

Ex: They cancelled their plans again. Should have guessed.

  • well-behaved – good behaviour-

Ex: Their son is very well-behaved.

Ex: The puppy is very well-behaved, he always listens to us.

  • attack – to try to hurt

Ex: At the park, one dog attacked another dog.

Ex: The man was attacked on the street by someone and he was hurt.

  • bite – using teeth

Ex: The dog bit the little boy. He bit the hamburger.

  • aggressive – to act violently or dangerously.

Ex: Sometimes dogs are very aggressive. They often attack other dogs or people.

  • good size – a large size

Ex: The pizza was a good size. I didn’t think we could eat all of it.

  • puppy – a baby dog

Ex: Their little puppy was very cute.

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