Basic English Conversation: 100 Daily Topics

Basic English Conversation 100 Daily Topics-01

Level 1: English Conversation

Lesson 1: Where are you from?

Lesson 2: Do you speak English?

Lesson 3: What is your name?

Lesson 4: Asking directions

Lesson 5: I'm Hungry

Lesson 6: Do you want something to drink?

Lesson 7: That's too late!

Lesson 8: Choosing a time to meet

Lesson 9: When do you want to go?

Lesson 10: Ordering Food

Level 2: English Conversation

Lesson 11: Now or Later?

Lesson 12: Do you have enough Money?

Lesson 13: How have you been?

Lesson 14: Introduce a Friend

Lesson 15: Buying a Shirt

Lesson 16: Asking about Location

Lesson 17: Do you know the address?

Lesson 18: Vacation to Canada

Lesson 19: Who is that Woman?

Lesson 20: Common Questions

We will continue to update the next lessons soon

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