A: Hello.

B: Honey? It’s me . . .

A: Where are you?

B: At the station. I missed my train so I’m going to be late.

A: Oh, that’s too bad. Will you get back in time to pick up the kids?

B: I don’t think so. Can you get them?

A: No problem.

B: Make sure they start their homework.

A: Don’t worry. What time do you think you’ll be home?

B: Probably in about an hour. How was your day?

A: Well, I worked for a few hours at the computer, and then I got sleepy, so I took a nap.

B: You took a nap! You’re so lucky you work at home. I can’t take a nap in the office, you know.

A: But I also did the laundry and the dishes. You can’t do those things at the office.

B: Well, that’s true. Hey, what’s for dinner?

A: Chicken. It’ll be ready when you get home.

B: I can’t wait. I love your chicken.

A:  And I love you. See you around 6:30?

B: I hope so. See ya.



  1. miss (my/the) train/bus = not get on a train or bus because you arrive late at the station or bus stop
  2. get back = arrive at the place you started from
  3. in time to (do something) / in time for (something) = before it is too late
  4. no problem= say this when someone asks you to do something, and you are happy to do it
  5. make sure = make certain/definite
  6. get sleepy= You become tired and then feel like  you can sleep
  7. take a nap = sleep for a short time
  8. do (the) (my) laundry = wash the clothes
  9. do the dishes = wash the dishes
  10. get home= arrive at home
  11. can’t wait (to/for) = want something good to happen very soon
  12. (I) hope so. = I want that to happen

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