Real English Conversation
Real English Conversation

AL: What’s eating you?

BILL: What do you mean? I’m fine.

AL: NO, you aren’t. Come on, whatever it is, get it off your chest.

BILL: Well . . . see that woman over there? Her name’s Elizabeth. I’ve been trying to find a way to meet her for months, and now, here she is. But I don’t have the guts to walk over there.

AL: Come on, Bill! This is your chance. Just give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

BILL: She wouldn’t be caught dead with me.

AL: Why do you say that?

BILL: Oh, let’s just skip it, OK? I don’t know why I even told you.

AL: HOW do you know her, anyway?

BILL: We work in the same building.

AL: Well, I think you should just bite the bullet, go over there, and start a conversation.

BILL: Maybe later.

AL: Why put it off? Who knows? You two might hit it off.

BILL: That’ll be the day.

AL: Why are you so negative all of a sudden? I’ve never seen you like this.

BILL: Maybe you’re right. I should just take the initiative and walk over there. But what should I say?

AL: NOW you’re talking. Just introduce yourself and start talking about the party or mention that you’ve seen her at work. She’s bound to recognize you, too.

BILL: Well, maybe. Oh . . . you’re probably right. If I pass up this chance, I’ll never forgive myself. Well, here I go. Wish me luck!



  1. What’s eating (you)? = What’s bothering you?
  2. get something off one’s chest = to reveal something (usually a confession or complaint) that has been bothering you
  3. (not) have the guts (to) = (not) have the courage (to do something)
  4. give it a shot = try something; give something a chance to happen (while knowing you can make a change if it doesn’t work out)
  5. (someone) wouldn’t be caught dead (with someone) = someone would never want to be with someone because of dislike, fear, or shame
  6. Skip it! = Let’ s not talk about it anymore. = Forget it!
  7. bite the bullet (and do something) = make a decision to do something after hesitating
  8. put something off = postpone, delay until later
  9. hit it off = immediately get along with someone very well
  10. THAT’LL be the day. = That will never happen to
  11. take the initiative (and do something) = take the first step in doing something
  12. be bound to = be likely to; will probably
  13. pass up = to miss

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