Game of Thrones 1

A: Did you see the last season of Game of Thrones?

B: Yep.. I’ve got to say, I’m a little disappointed. I thought it would be better.

A: Me too. It felt so rushed. They tried to do too much. But.. the special effects were amazing. I mean.. that dragon scene was epic.. It looked so real.

B: Shocking wasn’t it. They burnt everyone alive.

A: Well. Now that the season is done I need something new to watch. Any recommendations?

B: Did you see Wu-Tang?

A: What’s that? Wu- Tang? As in the rap group?

B: Yeah. they have a tv series. It’s pretty cool.

A: No way. That’s great. Is it any good?

B: Not bad. It won’t win any awards but it’s interesting to learn about them.

A: It’s a documentary?

B: No. It’s a drama. But it’s based on real life.

A: Okay. So. what’s been your favourite tv show this year?

B: Definitely Mr Robot.

A: Oh. Yeah. It’s quite good isn’t it. It really makes you think.

B: Yep. But probably we should be exercising more. Less tv more exercise.



season (n): a group of tv episodes, usually for 1 year.

  • Ex: The first season of Friends was very funny.

to make you think – something makes you think about life 

  • Ex: That photograph really makes you think.
  • Ex: That film really makes you think.

based on + something: usually describes fiction that describes something real

  • Ex: There was a film about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook that was based on really life.

epic – slang – really amazing 

  • Ex: That show was epic. That concert was epic!

documentary (n) – a non-fiction film about real life 

  • Ex: I watched a documentary about Tokyo recently. It’s a very interesting city.

special effects (n) – the computer graphics in a film or tv show

  • Ex: The special effects in the new Star Wars movie are very good. But the acting is terrible.

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