Elizabeth: Would you drop this dress off at the dry cleaner for me?

Matthew: Okay, but it’s a little out of my way. Can I do it tomorrow?

Elizabeth: Yes, but if you take it today, I’ll be able to pick it up on Saturday morning. I’d like to have it in time for the wedding.

Matthew: Wedding? What wedding?

Elizabeth: Don’t you remember? Your niece Sylvia is going to get mar­ried on Saturday.

Matthew: Oh, no! That’s the day of the championship football game. I had to buy tickets a month in advance.

Elizabeth: That’s too bad, but surely you can see that the wedding is more important. Sylvia is going to get married only once—we hope!



  1. drop off: to take someone or something to a particular place
  2. out of one’s way: Not convenient for or easily reached by one; not along one’s route.
  3. pick up: to lift someone or something using your hands
  4. in time: early enough
  5. in advance: if you do something in advance, you do it in preparation for a particular time

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