A: Hey, Lia! It’s good to see you.

L: You, too. I haven’t seen you in a few days. How are you? How’s it going?

A: Not bad. I’m so busy with the classes I’m taking. How about you?

L: I’m okay. I know you’re busy with classes. My job’s really hectic this time of year, too. What’s new with you?

A: Nothing much. I’m on my way to the mall. I need some time off! Do you remember Lana?
She’s there. Ha! She’s always at the mall! I think a lot of our friends plan to just hang out at the mall tonight.

L: Who? Oh yeah. I remember Lana. She’s the one with the scary-looking dog. I don’t want to hang out with that dog!

A: Ha! You aren’t afraid of that little tiny dog, are you? Well, I’m sure Rover isn’t at the mall.

L: Actually, I’m headed to the mall later, anyway. There’s a huge sale going on. I think they’re open extra late.

A: Great! Maybe I’ll see you there.

L: Sounds good. We’re both good shoppers! If I get there before you leave, maybe I’ll see you.
After all, we aren’t leaving until we see all the sales. And I’m not leaving until I have some cute new

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casual: simple, not formal
hang out (also hang around): just spend time with friends, with no special activity
headed: going
hectic: very busy
hey: hi; also a word to get someone’s attention
huge: very, very, very big
mall: a large shopping center with stores and restaurants
sale: a short time of lower prices in a store
time off: relaxation time for yourself, away from your work
tricky: seems simple, but is a little complicated

Source: English The American way

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