101 Short Stories for learning English | Beginner to Advanced Level (text, audio, and video)

Hi everyone,

We have a lot of ways of learning English such as imitation, shadowing, movie…and learning English through short stories is one of them.

Today, we would like to share with you 101 short stories that you can use for learning English.  Before we start, we need to know why learn English through short stories.

With English stories, you can:

  • Understand deeper and broaden understanding
  • Know more vocals and how they are used in real contexts
  • Motivate imagination, create your own story
  • Enhance communication skill

Besides, we wrote an ebook about the topic “How to Learn English Effectively through short stories“. You can refer to our ebook first.

101 English short stories for English learners from beginner to advanced level

A. Beginner Level

  1. A Baby and a Sock
  2. Birds and a Baby
  3. A Cat and a Dog
  4. The Baby Bear
  5. An Apple Pie
  6. The Top Bunk
  7. Ask Santa
  8. A Birthday Bike
  9. In the Garden
  10. Today’s Mail
  11. Boys Will Be Boys
  12. A Good Meal
  13. New Shoes
  14. No Friends for Me
  15. Life Is Good
  16. Tell the Truth
  17. God Loves Babies
  18. A Clean Car
  19. Farm Animals
  20. Corn for People and Animals
  21. Rain and Hail
  22. Hungry Birds
  23. At the Bus Stop
  24. Brown and Blue Eyes
  25. Catch Some Fish
  26. Daddy Likes Beer
  27. Bears and a Pig
  28. A Short Plane Ride
  29. A Windy Day
  30. Snowed In
  31. Try to Tell the Truth
  32.  A Bad Economy
  33. The Birthday Party
  34. Plants Need Water
  35. Life Will Be Better
  36. A Lucky Day
  37. My Family’s House
  38. Wash your hand
  39. She Writes Letters
  40. A Bus Accident

B. Intermediate Level

  1. The Christmas Story – The Birth Of JESUS
  2. The Man Who Learned From His Cow
  3. The Girl Who Dressed Like a Boy
  4. The Jindo Dog
  5. The Wait-and-See Man
  6. The Seal’s Skin
  7. the Bear’s Son
  8.  Strong Wind
  9. Brer Fox’s Shoes
  10.  Three Rabbits
  11. The Bridge between the Earth and the Sky
  12. The Wild Pigeon
  13. updating…

C. Upper-intermediate Level

  1. The Christmas Star and the Little Wanderer
  2. The White Ribbon (Kassie’s and Betty’s friendship)
  3. The Joyous Christmas Surprise
  4. A Little Princess | Part 1
  5. A Little Princess | Part 2
  6. A Little Princess | Part 3

D. Advanced Level

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For example:

Short Stories in English: Farm Animals

The chicken and the duck were friends. They lived on a farm. They walked around together. They swam in the pond together. They talked about many things. They talked about the cat. They thought the cat was tricky. They thought the cat was dangerous. The cat looked at them a lot. They didn’t trust the cat. “We must always keep our eyes open when the cat is around,” they both agreed. They talked about the dog. The dog was very friendly. The dog wanted to play. The dog had lots of energy. It barked a lot. It ran around a lot. They both liked the dog. They talked about the farmer. The farmer brought them food. The farmer took care of them. The farmer took care of all the animals. He fed the cow. He fed the pig. He fed the goat. He fed the sheep. He fed the rabbit. They liked the farmer. He took good care of everyone. He was a nice man. “Farmers are good,” said the chicken. “We need farmers,” said the duck.