Plastic Surgery

A. So what do you think about plastic surgery?

B. What do I think about it?

A. Yeah, would you ever get it done? It’s very common these days.

B. I never really thought about it. To be honest, I don’t think I would. It seems so unnatural. I can’t understand why people do it.

A. Well.. Maybe people don’t like their faces or they think it will get them a better job.

B. I guess so… But … why can’t people just accept their own faces. Not everyone looks like a movie star. It’s not a bad thing.

A. True. Society is kind of crazy that way. We all think we need to look like models. I blame advertising

B. Advertising? Why’s that?

A. In the past, people didn’t think so much about their appearance. I mean people didn’t care so much about what other people thought. But now social media is so important and everyone is addicted to their smartphones.

B. I heard depression is more common these days. Many people have mental health problems.

A. Wow. I didn’t know that. Why?

B. I think it is because people always compare themselves to others.

A. Maybe if people spent more time doing yoga and less time taking selfies.

B. Agreed.!


blame: because of, usually negative.

  • Ex: There is a lot of crime in my city. I blame the police, they don’t help .

addicted: cannot stop doing something.

  • Ex: He is addicted to drugs.

get + something + done:  to complete something.

  • Ex: He is getting his tattoo done. He is getting plastic surgery done.

social media – Facebook, twitter, we chat

  • Ex: Many people spend their time using social media.

depression: feeling of sadness that doesn’t go away quickly

  • Ex: Depression can often make life difficult and sometimes people need to see a doctor for medication to help them feel better.

mental health: your emotional health and psychological health

  • Ex: Many people go to yoga classes because it helps them with their mental health.

selfie: take a photo of yourself-

  • Ex: Young people love taking selfies.

unnatural: not natural

  • Ex: His hair looks unnatural. It is pink colored.

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