20+ American English Conversations Packed with Phrasal Verbs and American Idioms (Advanced level)

If you’re on a quest to master American English, you know that phrasal verbs and idioms are the key to sounding like a native speaker. To make your language journey more enjoyable and practical, we would like to share with you 20+ American English conversations (advanced level) that contain a lot of phrasal verbs and American idioms

We would like to say thank you to Tony Illustrated English channel for letting us share these interesting American English conversation

For example

In the lesson 16:

Patrick’s parents confront him about his irresponsible lifestyle, late nights, and lack of commitment to a job. They express concerns about his financial habits and emphasize the need for him to take charge of his future. Patrick, aspiring to be a writer, rejects his father’s offer of a job in the family business. The conversation escalates, and Patrick’s parents decide it’s time for him to move out, urging him to face the challenges of the real world.

You will learn a lot of American idioms such as

  1. To give someone a break: To hold back criticism, judgment, or effort against someone.
  2. To brush something off: To fail to take something seriously. To treat something as unimportant or inconsequential.
  3. To put something away: To save something, such as money.
  4. To burn through something: To use something very fast, with little care for future supplies.
  5. To live paycheck-to-paycheck: To earn only enough money to meet weekly or monthly bills, to not be able to save or spend on
  6. ….

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