Phone conversation

A: Hey What’s up! Just checking in. What you doing?

B. Just finishing up things at school. I’ve got a paper due tomorrow, but, it’s almost done. Maybe another hour.

A. Ah Cool. What’s it about? I miss school.

B. Actually, its an economics paper about democracy.

A. Ohhhh. That sounds brutal. haha.

B. Brutal but interesting. I don’t mind it. So.. what you doing?

A. Well. Just finished work, hitting up a dance class and then maybe dinner. Want to meet up?

B. Let’s play it by ear.

A. Sure. I probably won’t go until later. 8 or 9-ish.

B. Sweet. That’s great. Pizza and a pint?

A. Perfect. We can meet downtown.

B. Okay. See you soon.

B. Ciao.


pint: a glass of beer.

  • Ex: Let’s have a pint after work.

number+ish ( 8ish, 9ish, 10ish) – native speakers often add +ish to a number when they don’t have a specific time. It generally means near to a number.

  • Ex: When do you want to meet? 10-ish. They will meet at close to 10.

Ciao: bye – Ciao is sometimes used to say goodbye, although not English, it is still common.

  • Ex: See you later! Ciao!

hitting up -slang: going to

  • Ex: I’m hitting up the gym after work// We are hitting up a movie at the cinema.

To play by ear – expression – people say this when they don’t want to make a plan because they are busy

  • Ex: I think I have free time to hang out on Saturday, but, let’s play it by ear.
  • Ex: I have a lot of homework and maybe I won’t have time.

brutal : really tough; really awful; really difficult, – used to describe many things.

  • Ex: It is brutally hot. That class was brutal. This rock band is brutal, let’s go home.

checking in -slang: to call a person and ask about what they are doing?

  • Ex: I’ll check in with you later when I am done work. Maybe we can go for a drink.

finishing+up  – to almost finish something( usually it relates to work)

  • Ex: I am finishing up the housework and will be free in an hour.
  • Ex: Finish up your meal, the food here is not cheap!

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