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One of the best ways to improve communication skills is to become familiar with the language by reading, building vocabulary, and discussing what you study in daily conversations. Helena Daily English blog provides the Daily English knowledge that you can study and then try to apply in everyday situations

A: Hey What’s up! Just checking in. What you doing?

B. Just finishing up things at school. I’ve got a paper due tomorrow, but, it’s almost done. Maybe another hour.

A. Ah Cool. What’s it about? I miss school.

B. Actually, its an economics paper about democracy.

A. Ohhhh. That sounds brutal. haha.

B. Brutal but interesting. I don’t mind it. So.. what you doing?

A. Well. Just finished work, hitting up a dance class and then maybe dinner. Want to meet up?

B. Let’s play it by ear.

A. Sure. I probably won’t go until later. 8 or 9-ish.

B. Sweet. That’s great. Pizza and a pint?

A. Perfect. We can meet downtown.

B. Okay. See you soon.

B. Ciao.


pint: a glass of beer.

  • Ex: Let’s have a pint after work.

number+ish ( 8ish, 9ish, 10ish) – native speakers often add +ish to a number when they don’t have a specific time. It generally means near to a number.

  • Ex: When do you want to meet? 10-ish. They will meet at close to 10.

Ciao: bye – Ciao is sometimes used to say goodbye, although not English, it is still common.

  • Ex: See you later! Ciao!

hitting up -slang: going to

  • Ex: I’m hitting up the gym after work// We are hitting up a movie at the cinema.

To play by ear – expression – people say this when they don’t want to make a plan because they are busy

  • Ex: I think I have free time to hang out on Saturday, but, let’s play it by ear.
  • Ex: I have a lot of homework and maybe I won’t have time.

brutal : really tough; really awful; really difficult, – used to describe many things.

  • Ex: It is brutally hot. That class was brutal. This rock band is brutal, let’s go home.

checking in -slang: to call a person and ask about what they are doing?

  • Ex: I’ll check in with you later when I am done work. Maybe we can go for a drink.

finishing+up  – to almost finish something( usually it relates to work)

  • Ex: I am finishing up the housework and will be free in an hour.
  • Ex: Finish up your meal, the food here is not cheap!

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