Toni: That teacher always finds fault with my compositions. I spent a lot of time on this one last week and now he wants me to do it over.

Janet: What’s the problem?

Toni: Some small mistakes—that’s all. Look at my paper.

Janet: These spelling errors do stand out. There shouldn’t be a y in studies, and you forgot the second p in stopped.

Toni: I’m not to blame. It’s this crazy language! In my language, the spelling is very regular.

Janet: English has a few basic rules, too. You’ll be better off if you learn them.

Toni: It might be easier to go back to my country!



  1. find fault with: to criticize or complain of
  2. do something over: to do something again because you did not do it well the first time
  3. stand out: to be very noticeable
  4. be to blame: These words and expressions are used to say that someone caused something bad to happen.
  5. be better off: to be in a better situation, if or after something happens

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