SMILEY: Hi, Lia. What seems to be the problem today?

LIA: I hope you can tell me! A chunk of my tooth broke off yesterday.

SMILEY: That’s not good. Did you bite something hard?

LIA: No, I didn’t . . . that’s the weird thing. It just kind of fell out.

SMILEY: Did it hurt when it broke?

LIA: Yes, it did, just a little; but it started to hurt like crazy this morning.

SMILEY: I think we’d better take a full set of X-rays . . . Okay, open wide. Let me take a look. Oh, boy. Yes, it looks like you’ve exposed the root on your left, molar.

LIA: rgscht rfghsh!! ghs gtfhhkj?

SMILEY: Sorry. I’ll be done in a minute. I’m afraid you’ll have to have a root canal. I can put in a temporary filling, but you’ll have to come back in two weeks for the procedure.

LIA: Do I have to have a root canal? My tooth doesn’t really hurt too much.

SMILEY: If we don’t take care of this quickly, it may become infected, and it will hurt a lot. I’ll tell Dina to set up an appointment, and I’ll see you back here in two weeks, on Tuesday, the 14th, at 3 p.m.

LIA: Will the procedure hurt?

SMILEY: I’ll give you medication so that you won’t feel any pain. Relax! It’s not so bad!



  • bet: be pretty sure
  • checkup: an examination to be sure everything is healthy
  • chunk: a big piece
  • cleaning: removing anything that is on the teeth; comfy: comfortable
  • exposed: open
  • filling: substance put into a hole in the tooth to protect it I freebie: something special you get without paying
  • have something checked out: have something looked at or examined
  • hygienist: a professional who cleans your teeth with special tools
  • I’m afraid: unfortunately
  • infected: filled with bacteria and very sore!
  • instruments: special tools

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