Pretty young female friends shopping for perfect dress in store

SALESPERSON: Can I help you?

LYNN: Thanks, we’re just looking.

SALESPERSON: Well, let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

JIM: What do you think of these jeans?

LYNN: They’re really nice. How much are they?

JIM: Hmm . . . there’s no price tag. Where’s the salesperson? I’m going to ask her . . . Oh, there she is. Excuse me, how much are these jeans?

SALESPERSON: I’ll be with you in a minute …. OK. Let’s see. They were $29, but I think today they’re 30 percent off. Yes, that’s right. They’re about $20. That’s a good price for these jeans.

JIM: Can I try them on?

SALESPERSON: Sure. The fitting rooms are right over there. Just go on in.

JIM: Thanks a lot.

JIM: Pssst. Lynn, how do they look?

SALESPERSON: Oh, Jim! They’re too big. I’ll get you a smaller size . . . Wait a minute . . . Here, try these.

JIM: I think these are better. How do they look?

LYNN: They’re perfect.

SALESPERSON:  Oh, they look very nice on you.

JIM: Great. I’ll take them.



  • I’m just looking./We’re just looking: you don’t want help when you are shopping
  • let (me, you, him, her, us, them) know:  tell (me) later
  • What do you think of . . . ?:  What is your opinion of
  • How much are these ( jeans)?/How much is this (shirt)? = How much money does this cost?
  • try (something) on: put on clothes or shoes to see if they fit
  • over there: This is a place that is not near you
  • go on in: This is a friendly way to tell someone to go into something that is “over there.”
  • I’ll (We’ll) take: …. You can say this to a salesperson in a store when you are ready to buy something.

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