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Topic: Getting in Shape

Joe: Would you like to play volleyball with us this weekend?

Dave: I’d love to, but I’m really out of shape. I haven’t exercised much all winter.

Joe: That’s okay . None of us are professionals.                          ,

Dave: How often do you play?

Joe: Every other Saturday. We’d rather play more often, but it’s diffi­cult to find a time when everyone can get together.

Dave: What time do you begin?

Joe: At 9:00. I’ll look forward to seeing you then.



  • Out of shape: not physically healthy enough for difficult exercise because you have not been involved in physical activities
  • Every other: not each one in a series, but every two
  • Look forward to + V(ing): to feel pleased and excited about something that is going to happen



be out of shape: The opposite is be in shape.

Example: He’s in shape because he runs every day.                          ‘

Related idioms are stay in shape and get in shape, would rather: This phrase is followed by the simple form of the verb.

Example: He would rather read than play with the other children. The contraction is’d, and the negative is would rather not.

Example: Ken wants to go to the movies, but I’d rather not, look forward to: These words are often followed by a gerund (verb + ins). Example: I’m looking forward to having some free time.

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