101 English Conversations: English Speaking Practice with Conversation in 3 Steps

101 English Conversations: English Speaking Practice with Conversation in 3 Steps

Welcome to our English Speaking practice sessions! In these sessions, we’ll be focusing on improving your speaking skills through 101 English conversations. We’ve designed a three-step approach to help you gradually build confidence and fluency in English.

Step 1: Listen to the conversation

In this step, you’ll listen carefully to a conversation between native speakers. Pay close attention to the pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm of the dialogue. This will help you familiarize yourself with natural English speech patterns.

Step 2: Listen and Repeat

Now it’s time to actively engage with the conversation. Listen to each sentence or phrase spoken by the native speakers, and then repeat it aloud.

Step 3: Practice with Conversation

In this step, you’ll take on an active role in the conversation. You’ll play the part of one of the speakers in the dialogue you’ve listened to, engaging in a simulated conversation with a partner or group.

101 English conversations

  1. Topic 1: Give Your Information
  2. Topic 2: At the Coffee Shop
  3. Topic 3: At the Coffee Shop 2
  4. Topic 4: Talk about your Siblings
  5. Topic 5: Talk about your Parents
  6. Topic 6: Meet Your Friend
  7. Topic 7: Talk about the Relationship
  8. Topic 8:

101 English Conversations

Topic: Talk about your siblings

Tom: So, Sarah, tell me more about your brother, Jack. What’s he like?

Sarah: Well, Jack is really funny. He loves to tell jokes and make everyone laugh. He’s also very kind and always helps me with my homework when I ask him.

Tom: That’s great! My sister Emily is also funny, but sometimes she can be a bit shy around new people. She loves playing soccer and drawing.

Sarah: Wow, Emily sounds talented! Jack is really into basketball. He’s quite good at it too. He’s tall for his age, about 5 feet tall.

Tom: Emily is shorter than Jack. She’s about 4 feet 8 inches tall. She has long brown hair and green eyes. What about Jack?

Sarah: Jack has short blond hair and blue eyes, just like our dad. He’s also a bit chubby, but he’s been working on eating healthier lately.

Tom: Emily has brown hair and green eyes, just like our mom. She’s not chubby at all; she’s pretty slim.

Sarah: It’s interesting how siblings can look so different sometimes!

Tom: Yeah, definitely! Despite our differences, Emily and I get along really well. We love playing video games together.

Sarah: That sounds like fun! Jack and I enjoy going to the park and riding bikes. It’s nice to have siblings to share activities with.

Tom: Definitely! Siblings make life more enjoyable.

Topic 1-8: