Going to the movies

A: Hey What’s your plan tonight?

B: No plans, I think I will relax at home. Work was busy today.

A: I just got home too. Busy day! Do you want to go to the cinema? There’s a great movie

playing downtown.

B: Hmmm. What time? What movie?

A : Maybe at 7 or 8? It is the new Iron Man movie. It looks amazing!

B: Oh. Marvel. . . Actually I hate Marvel. I never spend money on Marvel movies. They are too boring.

A: If you want, I will buy you a ticket. My treat.

B: No thanks, I really don’t like Marvel.

A: Okay. I will also buy you popcorn and a drink.

B: I’m really not interested in Iron Man.

A: Okay. Maybe I’ll take you shopping after the movie?

B: Amazing! You are the best boyfriend ever. Pick me up at 7:30.


get+home: to arrive home.
Ex: Most people get home at 5:30 or 6 pm.

to treat: to buy something for another person..
Ex: I will treat you to dinner.
Ex: My treat, I’ll buy the coffee today.

playing: play is often used to describe movies at the cinema.
Ex: It is playing at 5pm and 7 pm tonight.

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