Real English Conversation: Easier Said Than Done

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Helena Daily English
One of the best ways to improve communication skills is to become familiar with the language by reading, building vocabulary, and discussing what you study in daily conversations. Helena Daily English blog provides the Daily English knowledge that you can study and then try to apply in everyday situations

T: What’s the matter? You look upset.

M: I give up! I’ll never learn the past tense of these verbs.

T: That’s easy. Just add ed to make the past tense.

M: I mean the irregular verbs. You have to learn them by heart. The past of go is went. It’s crazy!

T: Why don’t you sleep with the grammar book under your pillow? Maybe that will help.

M: Don’t make fun of me. This is serious. We’re going to have a test next week.

T: I’m sorry. I’ll help you brush up on those verbs


  • What’s the matter?: used for asking someone if there is a problem
  • Give up: to stop trying to do sth
  • By heart: to learn something in such a way that you can say it from memory
  • Make fund of: to make a joke about someone or something in a way that is not kind
  • Brush up on: to improve your knowledge of something

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