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A. So where will you study? I heard you are going abroad next year.

B.I’m planning to go to Canada. I applied to a few universities but I’m still waiting for confirmation. I haven’t been accepted yet.

A.Oh that’s great. Are you excited? What will you study?

B.Very excited. You remember I told you I wanted to study journalism?

A.Yes, of course.

B.Well. Some of the graduate programs in Canada are very good… and they offer internships. I can work for a media company and maybe get a job there in the future.

A.Well.. I hope it works out. How about the weather? Isn’t it cold. I had a friend that went to Canada and all he talked about was the cold weather. Negative 50 degrees.

B. Yes, it’s very cold. But I like snow. It can’t be that bad.

A. NEGATIVE 50. Are you crazy!

B. It’s very international. If other people can do it, I can do it.

A. Hopefully. Well.. it looks beautiful and I heard the food is really good. They have everything there.

B. Yeah. We can eat a different type of food every day. Pho on Mondays. Sushi on Tuesdays. Italian on Wednesdays. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

A. Good luck! Let me know when you find out.


to find+ out: to learn new information

  • Ex: She found out that she was accepted to Harvard university.
  • Ex: He found out his business partner was stealing money.

thinking about + something:  planning to do something

  • Ex: I am thinking about going to Taiwan next year.
  • Ex: I am thinking about asking her on a date.

making +someone +hungry – informal:  commonly said when we are thinking about food, or smell/see food.

  • Ex: The smell is making me hungry. It smells so good! to have everything –

hope something works out : to wish good luck

  • Ex: I hope the new job works out.
  • Ex: I hope it works out with your new girlfriend, I like her. ( Also, working out is used for exercise – be careful!)

internship: a short work experience during or after university, often not paid

  • Ex: I have an internship at Google, I am so excited!

confirmation: to inform about something

  • Ex: I received a confirmation that my plane ticket was purchased.
  • Ex: She received a confirmation from the school that she would have classes in January.

accepted – usually used for school admission

  • Ex: She was accepted into the medical program.
  • Ex: She was accepted into the business program at RMIT.

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