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A: So what are you doing during the holidays? Any plans?

B: Yes! Actually I’m going on vacation. I’m going to Thailand for 2 weeks with my parents.

A: That’s great! Have you visited Thailand before?

B: I’ve been there a few times. But it will be the first time for my parents.

A: Ooh. How do they feel? I remember taking my parents with me to Mexico. It was a little stressful. Parents are not easy to travel with sometimes.

B: My dad is a nervous traveler but my mom is easy going. As long as they have Google translate and Google maps, they will be okay. We aren’t doing anything too crazy – Just relaxing on the beach for a week and then a few days visiting different cities.

A: That’s great. My parents aren’t so brave. They get nervous leaving the house. How are the beaches?

B: Beautiful. There are a lot more tourists than before but still breathtaking.

A: I can imagine.

B: The secret is to travel to the smaller towns. Most tourists don’t want to explore. If you drive an hour or two hours outside the big cities, it’s very quiet.

A: How about the food?

B: Spicy! I’m a little worried my parents won’t be able to eat the food. They both love seafood but they don’t really like chilies. Thai people love chilies on everything. . .  So what about you? What’s your plan?

A: I think I will take it easy. We spent way too much money on our last vacation. So this time we will have a staycation. We will stay at home and do nothing.

B: Those are nice.

A: Yeah, probably we’ll go to some new restaurants and watch a few movies. Nothing special.

B: Great! Well have a good holiday.

A: You too. Good luck!


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  • nothing special – informal way to say no plans

Ex: What you doing? Nothing special, just watching tv at home.

  • staycation – a vacation where you stay at your home.

Ex: This year we are having a staycation.

  • stressful – something makes you feel stress

Ex: Work is stressful.

  • can+ imagine – often used to show you agree

Ex: A. The food there is amazing. B. I can imagine

Ex: A. Beijing is very busy. B. I can imagine! There are so many people there.

  • breathtaking – to take your breath away; used to describe something amazing or beautiful.

Ex: The view from the top of the mountain is beautiful.

  • get+nervous – to feel nervous in a situation, we often use these too words together.

Ex: He gets nervous when he gives presentations, but, he is usually very calm.

  • easy going – relaxed and calm, the opposite of nervous or tense

Ex: He is very easy-going, I’ve never seen him get worried about anything.


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