Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary 16-01

change verb

Synonyms: change, alter, modify, convert, vary, shift, transform

change: to become different, or make something different

Example: She’s changed so much since I last saw her that I hardly recognised her. 
Example: Living in the country has changed his attitude towards towns.

alter: to become different, or make something different, especially in small ways
or in parts only
Example: They wanted to alter the terms of the contract after they had signed it. 
Example: The shape of his face had altered slightly.

modify: to change something to suit a different situation
Example: The design was modified to make the car faster.

convert: to change something into a different form, or change something for a
different purpose
Example: We are converting the shed into a studio. These panels convert the heat
of the sun into electricity.

vary: to be different in different situations, or change within certain limits
Example: The temperature varies from 8°C at night to 18°C during the day.

shift: to change position or direction
Example: We’ve shifted the television from the kitchen into the dining room.  My
opinion has shifted since I read the official report.

transform: to change the appearance or character of someone or something
Example: The outside of the building has been transformed by cleaning. The book
has transformed my views on medical care.