Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary -Lesson 36: Famous (adjective)

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Famous (adjective)

Synonyms: famous, well-known, renowned, infamous, notorious
Antonym: unknown

famous: known to many people, especially most people in a place or country
Example: a famous department store. He’s a famous footballer.

well-known: known by a lot of people
Example: It’s a well-known fact that oil and water don’t mix. She used to work for a well-known London hairdresser.

renowned: known and admired by many people
Example: the renowned Italian singer

infamous: famous for being bad or unpleasant
Example: He was sent to the infamous prison on the island.

notorious: known for bad qualities, or for doing bad things
Example: He was a member of a notorious criminal gang.

not known for anything important or interesting

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