Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary 17-01

child noun

Synonyms: child, baby, toddler, teenager, youngster, youth, kid
Antonym: adult

child: a young boy or girl
Example: There was no television when my mother was a child.  A group of children
were playing on the beach.

baby: a very young child
Example: Most babies start to walk when they are about a year old.  a baby just
starting to get its teeth

toddler: a child who has just learnt to walk
Example: a playground for toddlers

teenager: a young person aged between 13 and 19
Example: She writes stories for teenagers.

youngster: a young person
Example: My grandparents don’t understand today’s youngsters.

youth: a young man
Example: Gangs of youths were causing trouble in the village.  A youth, aged 16,
was arrested for possessing drugs.

kid: (informal) a child
Example: There were a few school kids on their bicycles.  They’re married with two

adult: a fully-grown person