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cautious adjective

Synonyms: cautious, careful, prudent, vigilant, wary, secretive, cagey
Antonyms: reckless, thoughtless


cautious: not willing to take risks
Example: She’s a very cautious driver.

careful: taking care not to make mistakes or cause harm
Example: Be careful not to make any noise – the baby is asleep.  She is very careful
about what she eats.

prudent: showing good sense and using good judgement
Example: It would be prudent to consult a lawyer before you sign the contract.

vigilant: staying very aware of possible danger
Example: The disease particularly affects young children, so parents must remain

wary: aware of a possible problem with someone or something
Example: I am very wary of any of his ideas for making money.

secretive: liking to keep things secret
Example: She’s very secretive about her private life.

cagey: (informal) not wanting to share information
Example: They’re being very cagey about their relationship.

reckless: doing something or done without thinking

thoughtless: without thinking about other people

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