Top Linking Words for Speaking and Useful Words, Phrases to Write a Great Essay (Pdf)

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In this lesson, we will find out how to use linking words in speaking to improve your fluency and coherence. Linking words can be used to:

  • link the flow of ideas in your writing
  • guide the reader (examiner) towards the next stage of your argument
  • express different views in your speaking task

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For speaking you need some simple linking words to help the examiner follow your ideas. These linking words will help you to express your ideas and use them in different situations.

You can use some useful words and phrases below to write a great essay to get a high score in your exam. So take a look and start to learn all of them.

  • Stating Your Opinion
In my opinion, According to me,
In my view, To me,
From my point of view, I think
It seems to me that I believe
From my perspective To my way of thinking
It appears that I suppose
I realize I understand
I imagine I feel
  •  Giving Examples
For example, For instance,
such as In other words,
as like
that is namely
To illustrate To paraphrase
  • Comparing
Similar to As…as
in common also
Either…or In the same way,
Neither…nor At the same time
Just as resemble
  •  Contrasting
However, But
On the contrary, On the other hand,
Differ from Nevertheless
Although Though
Otherwise Instead
Alternatively, Even though
  • Generalizing
Generally, Generally speaking,
Overall, On the whole,
In general, By and large,
It seems to me that I believe
All in all, Basically,
Essentially, As a rule,
All things considered For the most part
  •  Expressing Certainty
Certainly, Undoubtedly,
Doubtless, No doubt,
Definitely, Of course,
  •  Expressing Partial Agreement
More or less, To some extent,
Up to a point, Almost,
In a way, So to speak,
  • Showing cause 
Due to Because
Because of Owing to
  • Showing effect
Therefore, As a result,
Consequently, For this reason,
Thus, So,
thereby Eventually,
Hence, The reason why
  • Marking time
First, Last
Second, Lastly,
Third, Then,
Firstly, First of all,
Secondly, Before
Thirdly, After
During While
To begin with At the same time
Simultaneously After this / that
Since Meanwhile
Afterward Following this
When As soon as
  • Adding Information
Furthermore In addition
Also And
Moreover Similarly
Likewise As well as
Besides Too
Even What’s more
  • Expressing condition
If Whether
In case Unless
Provided that So that
  • Concluding
To summarize In conclusion
Lastly, Finally,
To conclude with, In short,

Linking Words for Speaking (Pdf)

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