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The Joyous Christmas Surprise

It was Christmas Eve.  In just a few hours, her parents would be over for dinner.  Paula was so excited.  It was the first time she had hosted Christmas dinner and she couldn’t wait for everyone to arrive.  She had a nice turkey in the oven and plenty of mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and cranberry sauce.  But most of all, she had something very important to share with her family.

Paula lit gingerbread-scented candles all around the house.  She made sure the mistletoe was hung over each doorway too.  The clock on the wall struck six o’clock and her parents arrived. 

“Your house looks so festive,” Paula’s mother gushed.  “You have always loved Christmas.  I’m glad you are finally hosting this year.”

“Thank you,” Paula said.  “Now that I have a house of my own, I figured it was time.”

Paula’s parents presented her with a big box wrapped in red paper with a huge green bow on top.  Paula unwrapped it and squealed with joy to see what was inside.  It was a set of gorgeous dishes she had been wanting.  She fetched a package from under the tree and gave it to her parents.  It was a photo in a lovely frame.

“That’s a great picture of you,” her father exclaimed.  “But…who is the gentleman?”

There was a knock on the door that interrupted the conversation.  Paula opened the door and in walked a man with a red velvet suit on and a long white beard.

“Santa?” Paula’s mother asked.

Paula gently removed the fake beard from the man’s face.  Then she took off his red hat.  “No, this is Sam,” she giggled.  “Sam…this is my parents.”

Sam smiled.  “Nice to finally meet you two,” he said.

The four sat around the dinner table and enjoyed Christmas dinner while Paula’s parents got to know Sam. 

When the dinner was over, they made a fire in the fireplace and sat around the Christmas tree.  As the twinkle lights blinked inglorious shades of red and green, Paula’s father told Sam he was glad to have met him.

“Hopefully we will see you again,” Paula’s mother said.  “I have enjoyed getting acquainted with you.”

“Oh…you’ll be seeing a lot of him,” Paula replied with a smile. 

Sam turned to Paula’s father and said, “Well, that is if you will be so gracious as to allow me to have your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

“I would like nothing more,” her father replied.

Her mother jumped up and gave her daughter a big hug.  Soon her father joined in the hugging too.  “What a lovely Christmas this has been,” they agreed.

Sam slid a diamond ring on Paula’s finger and the two shared a gentle kiss.  “When do you want to tie the knot?” Sam asked.

Paula thought for a moment and then replied.  “How about next Christmas?”

Everyone thought that was a wonderful idea, two joyous occasions on one single day.  They couldn’t wait for another year to roll around.

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