English Short Stories: The Christmas Star and the Little Wanderer

Source: Tony Illustrated English

Every Christmas Eve, as the moon and the stars prepared to shine upon the most magical night of the year, the Celestial Moon Palace became aglow with warmth and Christmas joy.

Lights twinkled from every window. The Christmas trees were lit with flickering candles.  Glass fruits, fluttering fairies, trumpets, dolls, rocking horses, and all manner of silver and golden balls adorned its branches.

But there was nothing more magical than what took place every Christmas Eve at the foot of the giant Christmas tree in the ballroom.

Mother Moon sat surrounded by all the twinkling stars on a carpet soft as snow.

“Will you tell us the story of the Christmas star?” asked the stars.

Mother Moon laughed, “Of course my dears.”

The little stars moved closer, and Mother Moon closed her eyes and began her tale.

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