English Short Stories: The White Ribbon (Kassie’s and Betty’s friendship)

Source: Tony Illustrated English

The whistle sounded, and the train pulled out of the station of the small town Kassie had called home for her short eight years of life. Kassie looked out the train’s window and watched the town get smaller and smaller.

Finally, when there was nothing left to see asides from fields of grass, Kassie turned her attention back to her surroundings. The wagon was cramped; people were packed in like sardines on top of each other. Kassie was forced to sit on the lap of her older sister, while her mother bounced her two younger brothers on her knees. Kassie’s father, John, remained standing.

Kassie couldn’t keep from wondering what it was like to travel in the privilege first-class wagons, the ones the white people rode in. Kassie had seen them from the train’s platform as they boarded. The wagons were almost empty, and they looked to be far more comfortable than the narrow, cramped space with hard plastic benches Kassie’s family had been made to ride in.

the white ribbon

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