dirty adjective

Synonyms: dirty, filthy, grubby, grimy, soiled, squalid
Antonym: clean


dirty: not clean
Example: Playing rugby gets your clothes dirty. Someone has to wash all the dirty plates.

filthy: very dirty
Example: His hands were filthy from changing the car tyre.

grubby: so dirty as to be unpleasant
Example: Grubby children were playing in the street.  He was wearing a grubby old shirt.

grimy: covered with old dirt that is difficult to remove
Example: The furniture was broken and the windows were grimy.

soiled: spoiled by dirt or other unpleasant substances
Example: The sheets on the bed were soiled.

squalid: referring to a room or building that is dirty and unpleasant
Example: The prisoners are kept in squalid conditions.

clean: not dirty