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defeat verb

Synonyms: defeat, beat, conquer, overcome, triumph, thrash

defeat: to succeed against someone in a game, fight or vote
Example: Our team has not been defeated so far this season. The soldiers defeated
the enemy’s attempt to take the town.

Example: The ruling party was heavily defeated in the presidential election. The proposal was defeated by 10 votes to 3.

beat: to win a game against another player or team
Example: They beat their rivals into second place. Our football team beat France
2 – 0. They beat us by 10 goals to 2. My children can usually beat me at tennis.

conquer: to defeat people by force
Example: The army had conquered most of the country.

overcome: to gain victory over an enemy
Example: The boys quickly overcame their attackers.

triumph: to achieve a great success
Example: The team triumphed over their long-term rivals.

thrash: (informal) to defeat another person or team easily
Example: She expects to be thrashed by the champion.

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