Merry Christmas in the United States 2020

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Merry Christmas in the United States

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the United States.  While many treasure the day for religious reasons, honoring December 25 as Jesus Christ’s birthday, it is also a joyous occasion for people of all religions and those who have no religion at all. The reasons for celebrating the Christmas holidays in the U.S. are as diverse as the people who celebrate them. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the two most prominent days of the holidays.  Many families get together on Christmas Eve night or on Christmas Day to share a meal that generally consists of ham or turkey as the traditional main dish.  Desserts, like pecan pie and cakes, are plentiful as well.

Along with being a time to reflect on spiritual values, Christmas typically involves exchanging gifts.  In addition, Santa Clause is a big deal.  Santa is a fictional chubby man with a white beard and a red velvet suit who hails from the North Pole where he lives with his wife and elves who make toys all year.  On Christmas Eve night, Santa hops aboard his sleigh that is guided by his reindeers to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls in the world.  In reality, presents are placed under the Christmas tree by the children’s parents.

Most places of business are closed on Christmas Day in the United States.  A few stores stay open to accommodate grocery needs.  Many businesses give their employees several days or a week off work for Christmas.  It is common for people to go see their relatives during the holidays, all gathering at a central location, usually in a home. 

Christmas is a huge event in the United States.  It is something that is generally planned for all year long by businesses, retail stores, and by individuals. It is a time of symbolic items like Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and mistletoe and sentimental feelings like love and joy.

“Merry Christmas,” is the most common greeting during the holidays. On Christmas Day all around the U.S., most people are exactly that…merry.

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