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Movie Sends Viewers to New Places

Planet Desire, rated PG-13, now playing at The Strand, Horizon, and Multiplex 11

Don’t miss Planet Desire, a new action thriller, showing in 3D. A shy, amiable young man is drawn into a video game thanks to a computer glitch (a minor malfunction or technical error). His sister discovers the malfunction and sets out to save him despite her aversion to technology ((a strong dislike of something and a desire to avoid it)). Breaking protocol (a standard method for controlling data transmission between computers), she arranges a late night clandestine (secret, private) meeting in the woods with a computer genius who works for a secret government agency. The genius agrees to help by allowing her to play a virtual (existing in the mind) reality game he has created. He gives her his assurance that the game is safe and that it will connect her to her brother.

Her only hope is to step into the unknown, but can she trust this man? The plot might sound wild, but it all feels real. You are right in the action during the exciting 3D scenes of the siblings’ adventures, which include rafting, mountain climbing, and scuba diving. The superb acting and sound track also contribute to making this a must-see movie.

New Burger Place Serves Up Fun


Take a break from your frenzied (wild,  agitated,  mad) studies and head over to Pearl’s for food arid fun. Pearl’s is a great new burger place that is quickly becoming popular with students. The menu features the omnipresent hamburger (present everywhere at once), but Pearl’s offers a few unusual toppings. Some of the choices that may intrigue (to fascinate) you include blue cheese and gorgonzola (cheddar and jack cheese are also available), pineapple slices, jicama, and ice cream (yes, you can have a dessert hamburger-it even comes with a cherry on top). The menu also features delicious fries, onion rings, Buffalo wings and a variety of salads and sandwiches. Desserts include scrumptious pies and cakes. Pearl’s has ten flavors of shakes. I give a standing ovation (applause, approval) to the banana shake: it’s the best shake I’ve ever tasted! Owner Pearl Barnes is a resourceful woman (able to deal skillfully with new situations). She has managed to fit twenty tables and ten counter seats into the small space, but the way she arranged everything the place doesn’t feel crowded, even on a busy Saturday night. Come enjoy good food and fun people at Pearl’s.·

Located at 1543 Central Street, open for lunch and dinner; low prices.

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