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Estella slowly opens the door.It is one o’clock in the morning-who could possibly be knocking so forcefully? Little does she know the pandemonium (disorder) that is going to disturb her quiet night.Her big brown eyes open wide when she sees Byron’s virile (masculine) build fill the doorway.His manliness causes Estella’s heart to pound as loudly as his knocking on the door.It has been five months since they broke up,but she is once again in an amorous (being in love; passionate) mood after admiring Byron’s strong frame.
“I must see you,” he gasps.
The provocative (stimulating, exciting) look in his eyes is one Estella cannot resist.She motions him inside and shuts the door.
Byron stumbles to the couch and collapses.Estella spies the blood stain on Byron’s chest.She tears off her robe and presses it against his rippling muscles,so easily noticeable under the damp shirt.Byron’s eyes slowly open.He smiles and draws her closer.
“Estella,” he whispers,”I need your help.If you no longer abhor me (to detest),please, please,hide me.”
Estella pulls away. She stares at Byron trying to penetrate his thoughts. Does he actually believe she hates him? Could he really not know how she feels?
Byron begins to open his mouth,but Estella puts her finger to his lips.
“Oh,Byron,I don’t hate you. You know you have come to the ideal place for seclusion. Let’s not delude (to mislead; to deceive) ourselves any longer.We are the perfect team.We were fooling ourselves by thinking we could work or love better alone.You must know that you are always safe with me.”
“I love you,too,Estella.Unfortunately,there is no time to embellish (to elaborate) my story,even though it is a good one.The simple truth is I am being chased by …”
Estella smiles and pulls Byron to her. Oblivious (unaware; forgetful) to the danger close by,they embrace. A pounding at the door soon shatters their euphoria (a feeling of extreme wellbeing or extreme happiness).
“We know you’re in there,Byron.Come out,or we’ll break down the door.”
A quick look passes between the two of them.They know what they need to do.


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