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They had lost contact with the Earth. The crew didn’t know this yet, but they would soon. They had been sent to subjugate (to conquer) the newly discovered life on Jupiter. Conquering another race was not a mission that Orion enjoyed. He never believed that humans were the omnipotent race (having great, power), but the government felt otherwise, and it was impossible to resist its force. He was told that  if he wanted to voice any dissent (to’ differ in feeling or opinion), he would find himself in prison. Rather than disagree, he took the assignment. His lack of enthusiasm for the job had led to a cursory (going rapidly over something) inspection of the ship’s equipment. Now he regretted the rush, although no longer being under the Earth’s surveillance might have its benefits. Orion checked with his chief engineer to see whether the precise(exact; accurate) reason for the malfunction could be discovered. It wasn’t a problem with the communication equipment after all; it was a miscalculation (a mistake in planning) by the navigation computer that had sent the ship off course. No one knew where they were, and they were no longer within range to communicate with any satellites.

He could already feel the Grand Commander’s anger. When, or if, they returned, he was sure the commander would annihilate (destroy) the whole crew. The commander’s antipathy (an opposition in feeling) for those who failed was well known. He had all too often destroyed whole fleets for failing a mission. It was time for Orion to
make a decision.

Just as he was to announce to the crew that there was a glitch in the navigation system and that their mission was about to change, Sergeant Aurora escorted Private Gemini into the room. “Sir, we discovered what caused the problem with the navigation computer. Private Gemini introduced a virus into the program.”
Amazed, all Orion could ask was “Why?”
With absolute serenity, Private Gemini explained, “I can’t go on another mission to take over an
innocent planet. We haven’t the right.”
“Your motive may be honorable, Private, but I can’t condone (forgive) such behavior. I will have to put you in confinement. Take her away.”

When he was alone, Orion smiled. He would release the clever and attractive private in a couple days. He would soon interview her more thoroughly to see what she had done to the computer, but in his heart he felt she had helped them all. They were now emissaries (a representative sent on a mission) for peace. It was time to finally tell the crew that they were headed on a mission of discovery and that they would be bringing a message of peace to those they encountered among the stars.

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