Common Errors in Speaking English – Part 1

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While speaking English people make common errors. To help you avoid those common errors below arc given some examples. These will help you to avoid the common pitfalls.

Incorrect: John is kindness, so many people want to chat with him.
Correct: John is so kind that many people want to chat with him.
Incorrect: Had you come to Korea? Randy
Correct: Have you ever been to Korea, R.mdy?
Incorrect: Chan, are your work busy?
Correct. Chan, do you have a busy job?
Incorrect: I am going to a picnic.
Correct: I am going on a picnic.
Incorrect: I am a bit in a hurry
Corrrect: I am in a bit of a hurry
Incorrect: My house is to ten minute of her.
Correct: It is a ten-minute drive from my house to hers.
Incorrect: I had told you I am from China.
Correct: I have told you before that I am from China.
Incorrect: How do you think to learn the English?
Correct: What is your point on learning English?
Incorrect: Would you please don’t ask me this question, OK?
Correct: Would you please not ask me this question, OK?
Incorrect: I’m heard music.
Correct: I am listening to some music now.
Incorrect: I am come from China.
Correct: I am from China/ I come from China.
Incorrect: OK, I will see you late!
Correct: OK, I will see you ‘tater!
Incorrect: I wish I have…
Correct: I wish I had….
Incorrect: I am going to watch the cinema tonight.
Correct: I am going to a movie tonight.
Incorrect: I am difficult to learn English.
Correct: It is difficult for me to learn English.
Incorrect: I still so surprise we were born in same day.
Correct: I am so surprised that we were born on the same day.
Incorrect: Is there some topic talk about?
Correct: Is there any topic to talk about?
Incorrect: Give me a favour!
Correct: Please do me a favour!
Incorrect: I don’t understand the meaning what you say…
Correct: I don’t understand the meaning of what you said….
Incorrect: There are not anything wrong…
Correct: There is nothing wrong….
Incorrect: Why not come yesterday?
Correct: Why didn’t you come yesterday?
Incorrect: What hobby do you like?
Correct: What is your hobby?
Incorrect: Almost people here I never met before.
Correct: Almost all the people here are strangers to me.
Incorrect: You must be quite a character.
Correct: You are quite a character
Incorrect: In fact, Billy really owns some personality to be a VIP.
Correct: In fact, Billy really has what it takes to be a VIP.
Incorrect: Just now my connection have problem…
Correct: I just had a connection problem………
Incorrect: Joei, maybe I will sleepless after I saw his pic !
Correct: Joei, I may be sleepless tonight after seeing his picture!
Incorrect: I am so boring today, please bring me fun.
Correct: I feel so bored today, please say something funny.
Incorrect: Judy: Tom sent his pic to me for long time ago.
Correct: Judy: Tom sent me his picture a long time ago.


Improve Your English & Speak English Correctly

1. We use “DO” when someone performs actions, repetitive tasks, and obligations. In other words, “DO” is often used when referring to work of any kind and referring to the action itself.

2. We use “MAKE” for creating or producing something, and for actions you choose to do. In other words, “MAKE” is often used when referring to the result.

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