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Each year Christmas is celebrated through the world with great religiosity and festivity, however, the pattern of celebration varies according to cultures


In Britain family members take turns in stirring the pudding mix clockwise while making a wish. Some even put coins, rings or thimbles for good luck.


In Russia Christmas is celebrated on January 7th instead of December 25th. This is because the Orthodox Church, where most Russians pay worship, still uses the old Julian calendar for religious festivity.


Just like the Comi-con, U.S.A celebrates a unique Santa-con festival. New York gather dressed as Santa dressed up as Christmas characters. You will see a lot of Santas, elves, snowmen and snow women.


In the northern region of the country, people participate in a Taffy Pull in honor of Saint Catharine-patron saint of single women. For single women out there, this is the ideal chance to meet the man of your dreams.


Single women perform a ritual to determine if they’ll marry in the following year. On the Christmas Eve, a girl throws one of her shoes towards the door. If the shoe lands and the heel points at the door, the girl shall not marry next year. If it lands otherwise, she should immediately start wedding preparations.


A Giant made of straw is built at start of the holiday season. Vandals do everything they can to burn down the goat before Christmas day. So far since 1966, the goat only survived 10 times because people disguise themselves as Santa Claus or elves just to get past the guards and burn the goat.


Despite the low percentage of Christmas in China, Christmas still is thought to be a day of joy. In major cities, Christmas Trees, lights and other ornaments are placed and people wait for ‘Shen Dan Lao Ren’ (Santa). On Christmas Eve people give apples wrapped in colored paper. People do this because ‘Ping An Ye’ (Christmas eve) sounds pretty much like ‘Ping Guo’ (Apple).


Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most famous Christmas dinner in Japan. The demand for this delicious chicken spikes up to the point that you need to reserve your chicken 2 months ahead.


Instead of Santa Claus gifts are delivered by a witch called La Befana. This witch arrives on Epiphany and brings along traditional holiday gifts, fruits, and candies for the nice kids. And for the naughty kids, she brings coal and garlic. People leave the wine for her to drink before she will dean your floor with her broomstick.


Christmas trees are decorated with real spiders and spider webs. According to tradition, this will give the home good luck.


Philippines observe the world’s longest Christmas season which starts from September. They have a long lineup of traditional activities including Caroling, Monito Monita (Secret Santa) and Misa De Gallo (Dawn Mass). The country is also famous for is Parols which are lanterns that have Christmas designs

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