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E, C. Pam well  

Illustrations by:
Ray Burns
Bob Giuliani
Laura Hartman
Pamela Johnson
Melodye Rosales
Raymond Skibinski
Joel Snyder

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary


An excellent "visual" dictionary (not alphabetical)

This book is intended as an ESL (English as a Second Language) book, but as an English speaker learning Spanish, I find it equally helpful. It calls itself a Dictionary, but in fact it is laid out thematically, not alphabetically; for example, a drawing of a kitchen, or the interior of a car, or of an airport, a grocery story, a doctor's office, etc., with all items numbered and then named below in both English and Spanish. It is quite comprehensive; there are pages with pictures of food, animals, body parts, clothing, and of activities, from "crime and punishment" to "at the beach". Other helpful pages show, for an example, prepositions of location - there's a drawing of a living room with about a dozen cats in it, and each cat illustrates a preposition of location - "under" the desk, "behind" the chair, etc. A fun way to learn and review vocabulary. I keep my copy where I can browse a page at a time, over and over; repetition results in remembering.


Excellent book for Learning as well as Teaching ESL in a practical Way

My ESL students are wonderfully pleased with this dictionary!! I am very impressed with the wonderful layout for my students to learn English in such a practical manner and practice their English in a real English speaking working environment when we go to the various places. Thank you!


It is a really good book and useful for non-native speakers

I tried to study vocabulary many times, with no value. I ususally found people speak in a different way. They say words, not the ones I found in the VOC books. Till I found this book. It gives the voc that people really use. Something reflecting real life and casual conversation, not formal ones.
It is a really good book and useful for non-native speakers, it can help us speak and understand what the native speakers say.
Thanks a lot


It's okay

The pictures are helpful of course. Although, I believe this is an english edition of a dictionary that was originally intended for Spanish speakers. Two drawbacks: One, often two Spanish words are given for an English word, but the reader is not informed which one is the more common. Secondly, no articles are included so it's up to the reader to find out if something is masculine or feminine. This is usually easy to figure out but sometimes is not.


The New Oxford Picture Dictionary (Pdf) Download

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary contextually illustrates over 2,400 words. The book is a unique language learning tool for students of English. It provides students with a glance at American lifestyle, as well as a compendium of useful vocabulary.

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