Idioms in English | 6 Idioms topics in daily life

Idioms, also known as idiomatic expressions, are funny. They can be confusing for non-native English speakers because, if taken literally, they simply don’t make sense.

Think about it, have you ever literally fought for something with your “teeth and nails”? Or, have you really “pulled out your hair” in frustration? And when you “open your heart,” do you use anesthesia or a scalpel?

The answer is probably “No.” Nevertheless, these expressions are still commonly used in everyday English.

In case you can’t make “head nor tails” of these strange sayings, we’ve created this helpful guide to teach you some common English idioms. You’ll soon find them a “piece of cake’’ (very simple) to understand. See, you’ve already learned your first idiom!

Idioms topics:

  1. Idioms Referring to the Natural World
  2. Idioms Referring to Parts of the Body
  3. Idioms to Talk About Feelings or Emotions
  4. Idioms to Describe a Bad Mood
  5. Idioms to Express Understanding
  6. Idioms About Having Fun

Other idioms / Illustrated idioms

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