Why We should learn English with Picture/ Illustration

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Why we should learn English with picture/ illustration

An image is worth a thousand words“. I believe most people have heard this saying before. According to some research, 85% of Internet users will be more impressed with the images. The human brain absorbs data through images faster and takes much longer memory than words. Therefore, learning English with pictures/illustration will affect the brain much more effective than learning English in common words.

3 benefits of learning English with pictures/ illustrations:

1. Easy to remember:

The first benefit of learning English with pictures is that you can memorize vocabulary easily. – When you communicate in English, your brain will direct you to the images associated with the vocabulary you have learned.

2.  Save time:

Each time you look at the pictures, they will gradually deepen into your subconscious and help you remember that you do not have to spend a lot of time to sit at the desk.

3. Easy to use in communication

When you try to express yourself in English, images in the present context will help you visualize the images you have seen before and remember the words that are attached. It’s easier than ever to communicate in English.

That’s the reason why Today, I would like to introduce to you a channel (Tony Illustrated English) which makes you surprise because it brings to you the easy way to learn English.

Their slogan: learning is a piece of cake. That’s right, you will learn English through pictures easily

For example:

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