disagree (verb)

Synonyms: disagree, differ, argue, dispute, contradict
Antonym: agree


disagree: to say that you do not have the same opinion as someone else
Example: We all disagreed with the chairperson.  They disagreed about what to do next.

differ: if people differ, they have different opinions from each other
Example: Our views on education differ.  Their accounts of what happened differ in several ways.

argue: to discuss without agreeing, often in a noisy or angry way
Example: They argued over the prices.  She argued with the waiter about the bill.
Example:  I could hear them arguing in the next room.

dispute: to say that you strongly believe that something is not true or correct
Example: I dispute her version of what happened.  There is no disputing the fact that Sarah is the best player.

contradict: to say that what someone else says is not true
Example: They didn’t dare contradict their mother.


agree: to say or show that you have the same opinion as someone else