Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary -Lesson 22: Complain (verb)

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complain verb

Synonyms: complain, object, protest, grumble, whine
Antonym: praise

complain: to say that something is not good or does not work properly
Example: The shop is so cold the staff have started complaining. They are complaining that our prices are too high.

object: to say that you do not like something or you do not want something to
Example: We object to being treated like children.  He objected that the pay was too

protest: to say that you strongly disapprove of something, sometimes by shouting
or speaking angrily
Example: Passengers began protesting about the lack of heating on the train. My
assistant protested about having to work at the weekend.

grumble: to complain in a bad-tempered way, especially regularly and often about
unimportant things
Example: He’s always grumbling about the music from the flat above.

whine: to complain frequently in a way that annoys other people
Example: She’s always whining about how little money she has.

praise: to express strong approval of something or someone

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