Learn English Grammar: Lesson 14 – Quantifiers with Count and Noncount Nouns

Quantifiers are expressions of the quantity that tell “how much” or “how many

1. Use a few, many/a lot of with plural count nouns
2. Use a little, much/ a lot of with noncount nouns

Incorrect:   a little books    a few money     much people    many homeworks
Correct:      a few books     a little money    many people    much homework

Remember: The phrase a lot of is correct with both count and noncount nouns

Avoid using much in affirmative statements, even with noncount nouns

  • Unusual:                We have much homework for tomorrow
  • Correct:                 We do not have much homework for tomorrow
  • Better(informal):  We have a lot of homework for tomorrow
  • Better (formal):    We have a great deal of homework for tomorrow

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