English Grammar: Lesson 20 (Part 2) – 40 Common Prepositions

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40 Common Prepositions

about This book is about a cat and a dog.
above There is a cloud above the mountain.
across I am going to swim across the lake.
after If you arrive after 6:00 p.m., there might not be any more food.
against We are against the president’s plan to raise taxes.
along Yellow flowers grow along the river.
around The dog ran around the tree several times.
as For Halloween, she dressed up as a clown.
at (+ place)

(+ time)


The hotel is at 330 Wilson Avenue.

Flight 62 from Buenos Aires arrives at 9:37 p.m.

I came home before midnight.

behind The cat is sleeping behind the car.
below The temperature last night dropped below 32 degrees!
beside My apartment building is beside the highway.
between I’m sitting between Jose and Chen.
by (+ time)

(+ -self)

You must complete this assignment by tomorrow.

Do you live by yourself?

(+ place)



The museum is located by a park and a lake.

We went to the beach despite the cloudy weather.

The truck rolled down the embankment.

during During his entire vacation, Mike had a terrible cold.

for (+ person)

(+ period)


I like all animals except snakes and lizards.

This present is for you.

We stayed in Toronto for five days.

This semester lasts from January to May.

in (+ place)

(+ time)

Trenton is in New Jersey.

Halloween is in October.

(+ period)

in back of

Please come back in twenty minutes.

I think your book is in back of the computer.

in front of I can’t find my keys. They were in front of the computer.
in spite of

instead of

We went to the beach in spite of the cloudy weather.

Can you bring me some tea instead of coffee?

like I think that turkey tastes like chicken.
near Near the library, there is a large parking lot.
next to Nevada is next to California.
of What is the name of your professor?
off You should take your hat off your head when you enter a building.
on (+ surface) There are two maps on the classroom wall.
on (+ street) My house is on Glenwood Drive.
since My wife and I have lived here since 1998.
through Suddenly a bird flew through the window.
to I’m going to the library now.
under Your notebook is under the computer.

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