Improve Your English – Lesson 2: The Difference between Bored/Boring, Interested/Interesting, and Excited/Exciting

These participial adjectives create problems for most students of English. The easiest way to remember them is that the –ed form represents the feeling one has, and the –ing form represents what has caused the feeling.

  • Don’t say: I am so boring.
  • Do say: The movie was boring. I am bored.
  • Don’t say: I am so interesting.
  • Do say: The history of Asia is very interesting.

I am very interested in it.
Yes, you may be very interesting, but you should leave that up to people that know you and who are interested in you. Many teachers are boring and their students are bored. Sometimes a teacher is bored by his or her students. You may be an exciting person, but as with “interesting”, we might best leave that to other people to decide!

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