How to be a successful Student

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How to be a Successful Student

Today I’d like to talk about how to be a successful student. First, you should discover who you are and what you want to be. We all have our own personalities, qualities, characters, and relationships. All those things together make us who we are. It’s time to ask yourself: what kind of person do you want to be?

Shakespeare said the world is a stage and we all play different roles. Well, what roles do you play? A student or a teacher? A musician or a doctor? Write your roles down. For each role, what are your responsibilities?

Then ask yourself what would you want to do? And what would your future look like? How do people get what they want? How can you make your dreams come true? One thing to do is to set a goal and make a plan to achieve your goals.

. We know that good thing don’t happen overnight, but you have to be prepared: you might just have to work hard to make it happen. Remember…,’

You need to make a plan for your goals. Write down your short-term goals and break them into weekly goals so you know exactly what you need to do each week. You will be surprised by how helpful this can be. Some projects are small and can be completed in a day. But then, there are big projects like essays, reports, personal goals,… difficult things that require planning, time, and effort. So you can plan personal and academic goals on the monthly and weekly planning pages of your list. Make it easy on yourself. Break down your projects or goals into small, easier steps and work towards them one step at a time. _.

When you finish your plan you should start to do it. Once you get going, it’s much easier to continue. You can reward yourself with a treat, for example, some healthy snack or game, for making progress on a project. You can work with a friend and encourage each other. You can design your own study schedule and stick to it; But, be in control. Don’t interrupt your study time for phone calls or TV shows.                                              ,                                                                     •

When you finish studying, you should review and check all completed tasks, mark unfinished tasks with a future date and get ready to do it the next day.

Now, let’s just refresh our memories. First, to discover who you are and what” you want to be. Then, plan to achieve your goals. And last is to do it because you can.

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