Essay Writing Topics: Topic 35 – A live performance vs. television broadcast

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Attending a live performance (for example, a play, concert, or sporting event) is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

English Writing Practice: Topic 35 – Sample 1

Do you like watching TV? Do you watch it regularly? If a living performance is available what, do you think,will you choose,watching TV or attending the performance? But if I were you I will  prefer the latter.

Watching TV is boring and exhaustive. Just sitting before the grey box will make you sleepy. You can not feel the atmosphere in the auditorium which makes the audiences feel refreshed and excited. You can appreciate all the programs through your own eyes not though the square glass screen.

There are many other audiences as well as you sitting there and watching the performance which makes you feel accompanied. And you can communicate with others about what you have just seen or thought. This gives you an opportunity to express your opinion. And you know you are not alone then.

Going to see the performance out of your house is also good to your body. For you may have a walk after the activity even go to a good bar and find something to drink. You can also see some friends after the show. Though I am not very sure about others I will commonly do such things after a concert. It makes me feel great.

So,to take part in a living show is my favorite choice. Instead of watching TV I would like to have some performance publicly. It is better than the program in TV I think.

English Writing Practice: Topic 35 – Sample 2

Some people like attending live performance rather than watching the same event on television. They think that will be enjoyable. Others like me, however, do not think so. There are no less than three disadvantages in attending a live performance rendered below:

First and foremost, people who will go to a live performance may not see or lister to clearly. Not all seats there are the best place. May be you will feel disappointed after attending it,and you must think the price for ticket is not worth that.

There is another factor that deserves some words here. The quality of the performance will depends on some external factors. Suppose that you go to a concert outdoors. Before you leave home, you have to consider how the whether will be go. It is likely that audiences are wet because of rain during the performance. So, even though the performance is in high quality, you may not feel comfortable more or less.

In addition, attending a live performance may waste your time. You must go there ahead of time, and you have to park. That will spend much time. I can not deny that attending a live performance has its own merits. Nonetheless, based on the above discussion, I strongly disagree with the opionion that attending a live performance is more enjoyable.

English Writing Practice: Topic 35 – Sample 3

I do not agree with the statement that attending a live performance such as a play, concert or sport event is more enjoyable than watching the same event on TV, because there are many disadvantages in attending a real performance.

Firstly, there is too much trouble in attending a real performance. You have to buy tickets, sometimes stand in a long queue; you have to plan the trip and set out a few hours before the show started. After arrived at the theatre or stadium, you will have great trouble finding a parking place. During a sport event, your personal safety might be jeopardized: the sports funs might get too excited about the event, and throw bottles. Many people might have heard the news that a girl was killed by a puck during a hockey game. If you take public transport or a taxi home after the show, you might find it very difficult to catch a bus or call a cab.

Secondly, the seating arrangement can greatly affect the comfort of seeing the show. If your seat is far from the stage or playground, you can’t even see the show clearly. People’s heads and cheers will distract you from viewing the show, and in the end you don’t even know whom you have seen in a play, or who wins in a sports event!

Thirdly, there is no flexibility in a real show. After you have been through so much trouble and eventually start to enjoy the show, you might find that you are quite disappointed about the show after all. Unlike watching TV programs, you neither simply change channels nor leave the theatre in the middle of a concert or play. You might spend a lot of money to suffer from a show that you do not like.

On the contrary, watching TV at home, where you can make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back comfortably and relax, watch the show closely, and enjoy the realistic image and sound from your SONY home-theatre system. Besides, you can watch programs whatever you like, and go to bed right when the show has ended.

Although many people enjoy the excitement of watch a real show, I think nothing is more convenient and comfortable than watch TV at home.

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