Essay Writing Topics: Topic 31 – Do you prefer to stay at one place or move around?

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Some people spend their entire lives in one place. Others move a number of times throughout their lives, looking for a better job, house, community, or even climate. Which do you prefer: staying in one place or moving in search of another place? Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

English Writing Practice: Topic 31 – Sample 1

Even though I have lived in the same house, in the same neighborhood, in the same city my entire life, I know I would be happy living in a variety of places. Moving would expose me to new people, new weather, and new housing.

Even if I were to move to another part of my city, I would encounter new people. Each neighborhood has a distinct personality. When I move to that neighborhood, I would meet the shopkeepers and residents that shape that personality. I may even adopt part of their manner as my own so I could be recognized as part of that community.

If I want to encounter different weather patterns, I would have to move beyond my city. Where I live now, it is the same temperature all year. I would like to go to a place where there are four seasons so I can experience really cold temperatures. I would like to walk in the snow and perhaps go skiing. I could learn winter sports if I lived in the north.

Now, of course, I live with my parents in their home. It is a one story house built around a courtyard where our family spends a lot of time. If I were to move, I would like to live in an apartment on a very high floor so I could see all around me. I could also meet my neighbors in the elevator and we could get together for coffee in my apartment.

The more I move the more I would experience change. I would meet new people in every place I lived; I could move to sample countries with four seasons or even a continent like Antarctica which only has two. Wherever I lived, I would experience living in housing particular to that area. I would then be a citizen of the world, wouldn’t I? Could you call me a foreigner if I called every place my home?

English Writing Practice: Topic 31 – Sample 2

Some people spend their entire lives in one place. Others move many times throughout their lives in order to looking for a better job, house, community, or even climate. As far as I am concerned, the latter is more enjoyable than the former. The reasons for this view go as follows:

In the first place, some people have found a better job far away where they live currently. In this kind of situation, do you move for the better career or do you still live in the old place where you are already familiar with everything nearby. Absolutely, I will choose moving not only because it gives me a good career but also because moving is very exciting.

In the second place, moving is very exciting. Fining a new house, buying the new furniture, all of these are wonderful thing. For example, if I move, I want find a single house instead of the town house, which I live now, because a single house can possess more grass, which my son love very much. Moreover, I want choose a big kitchen that all my family can sit a big dinner table and have dinner together.

In the third place, living in a place in all my live looks like too boring for me. Moving to different place, I can enjoy different community and different climate. For example, I can enjoy the mild temperature in the south America, and also I do not miss the beautiful snow in the northern.

From what I have discussed above, moving is exciting not only because it gives me a new job opportunities but also because it can let me enjoy the beach of south and the snow in the north. Therefore, I prefer moving in search of another place instead of staying in one place.

English Writing Practice: Topic 31 – Sample 3

Some people hold the opinion that living in one place is superior to moving in search another place. Others, however, contradict it.Personally, I would like to vote for moving to another place. There are no less than three advantages in it as rendered below:

First and foremost, moving to another place may contribute to one’s development.People always choose a better place than their present ones to be their destination. That way, they can learn some new knowledge, communicate with new friends and find some more chances. Those who change their majors may learn even more. There will be a new world open to them.So,moving to another place is really good for us.

There is another factor that deserves some words here. Changing their characters or habits may be one of lots of reasons for some people’s moving. For instance, if you do not like your present statue, you should try to move to a new place which you have not been to. Certainly, your mood and attitude will change with the new circumstance.

In addition, if you like to make friends, moving to a new place will be fit for you.When you come to a new place,you will communicate with some new friends,and you can help each other. So, changing a place will make you more sociable.

It is undeniable that staying in one place has its own merits. You can do your work step by step.You will spend lots of time with your old friends,and you can feel comfortable in the place with which you are very familiar.

Nonetheless, I still prefer moving to another place constantly. Because I can make new friends,look for some chances and become more experienced.I love changes

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