Essay Writing Topics: Topic 28 – Has the media paid too much attention to celebrities?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities. Use specific reasons and details to explain your opinion

English Writing Practice: Topic 28 – Sample 1

I think the media pay too much attention to the private lives of famous people. Television, newspapers, magazines and web sites dig up all kinds of past bad actions. They say that these are true reflections of a person’s character. This may be true if they occurred only a few years before, but some of these are things people did as teenagers. People in their forties are expected to explain something they did when they were fifteen. If they killed someone, obviously that’s more than a youthful mistake. Usually, though, these incidents involve experiments with drugs or being reckless in a car. They’re not something that the public needs to know.

The media love to say that the public has a right to know. That’s not true. We don’t need to know if a movie star or politician has had an extramarital affair. That is something of concern only to the people involved. We do need to know if someone we’re electing to public office has been involved in shady business deals, but we don’t need to know if he or she defaulted on a loan twenty years ago.

It seems the media dig up these facts without giving thoughtful consideration to what might happen. It has an effect on the celebrity’s family, especially the children. A celebrity’s good name and credibility may be ruined before he or she can prove that rumors are false. If a case goes to court, paying a lawyer can use up all their money. Even if it doesn’t come to that, they may find their career ruined.

When are we, the public, going to make it clear to the media that we’re tired of having to watch this kind of thing on the news? Wouldn’t it be better if they would concentrate on more important issues?

English Writing Practice: Topic 28 – Sample 2

Santa told a famous man in front of a flashing, well decorated chritmas tree, “You could make three wishes, and just only three best wishes for the coming new year. ” Would you be eager to know what are the three wishes? Then, he wished :”firstly,may God send me my own calm and tranguil personal life without any interevenation; Secondly,I want to keep myself and my family away from spotlights and all the media focuses as far as possible. Last but not least,all what I have wished is the very secret between God and me.

To think a well known man standing high above the masses, to our surprise,was making such a hard and transparent living.It is certain that everyone has their curiosity,and in their image- nation famous people are so perfect that there should be no flaw in their lifetime.But how could that be? As an old saying goes, “No man is infallible. “In my opinion, therefore, media has negative effects on their personal life.

I feel that this phenomenon suggests that those who are interested in famous people’s personal life are, in fact, jealous of their achivements. Almost every successful figure has experienced failure, rubs and what they have owned today proves that their efforts are paid off. A winner has a zest for life, work, play, food, other people and the world of nature ,also enjoyshis own accomplishments without guilty.Why do they soar when others sink? It depends on your own effort and deligence.

A celebrated public figure has ever said,” Winners have different potentials. Achievement is not the most important thing. Authenticity is. The authentic person experiences the reality of himself by knowning himself, being himself and becoming a credible,responsive person. Indeed television, magazines and other media needn’t pay so much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebraties.

Please never rehearse another tradegy of Diana, a beloved British princess who now may enjoy her calm life in the paradise .What most deeply impressed me in Diana’s eulogy is—— How great she suffering is ,we cannot even imagine…

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